Акцент на инициалы


The result of the work:

The image of the monogram in contour black and white in the electronic version. Vector original layout + raster formats: JPEG, TIFF, CDR, Ai, EPS, PNG. This package guarantees adaptability of the image for wide application, modification, etc.

The cost of a family and personal monogram:
from 2 400 $

The cost of a corporate monogram:
from 6 000 $



Family and personal monograms

The Standard Category Monogram contains basic information about you, your most characteristic features and distinctive sides. The original, restrained and laconic composition consists of initials intertwined in a special way, often denoting the beginning of the name and surname, and is a full-fledged highly artistic work.
The depth of meaning is hidden in every stroke and bend, forming a complete picture with pictorial ways of expression. The classic stylistics of the Monogram, combined, show your originality and a harmonious combination of the most important aspects.
The Standard monogram will form the foundation for your personal style and mark your role in society.

Corporate monogram-logo

The corporate monogram of the Standard category is a concise but capacious symbol that consists of an abbreviation of the company name. In addition to the artistic relationship of the letters, the monogram can be supplemented with ornaments and stylized elements that reveal the uniqueness of the name and the advantages of the organization.