The royal seal of quality

The UK is internationally renowned for its rich history and tradition balanced with modern technology. And also the quality of education, products and services. It is in the United Kingdom that the Royal Warrant is a special mark of quality. The Royal Order of Quality that can only be obtained by personal order of the reigning monarch as well as his heir and consort. Until recently, the decoration of quality could be granted by Her Majesty the Queen, His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh and His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Wales. However, according to the ancient laws of Great Britain, upon a change of monarch, all previously issued Royal Warrants lose their validity.

In addition to this, the image and seal of the reigning monarch must appear on coins, banknotes, stamps, postal boxes and so on. During the reign of Elizabeth II, a heraldic symbol belonging to the royal person who issued it and a signature with the person’s name and title was displayed on the orders of quality. For example, if the order was issued directly by the Queen, the company was entitled to display the coat of arms of Great Britain on its packaging and in its promotional products. If it was her spouse who issued the order, the Duke of Edinburgh’s personal coat of arms. If the warrant of quality was issued by the deceased Queen’s son (the current monarch, Charles III), a special heraldic insignia was used.

symbols of the royal family

Now that there has been a change of ruler and royal titles, companies will once again have to compete for such a prestigious award. The Royal Warrant can only be awarded after the royal has personally enjoyed the services or products for a number of years. This is why the Royal Warrant is so valued around the world and is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the world, available only to companies of the highest quality.

royal seal of quality

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