custom monogram


A monogram is a highly artistic symbol consisting of stylized initials of the Owner or Owners intertwined in a special way. Initials can be supplemented with ornaments, monograms and additional figures that help to reveal the underlying meaning. Composition, style, artistic techniques and elements of the Monogram are closely interconnected; complementing each other, they allow you to most accurately reflect your character and the depth of the meaning you put into your own symbol.

Monograms are:

Family monogram

This is the personification of united hearts. Uniquely designed woven initials reflecting their owners create a new symbol, sealed by a common future, a common surname. The harmonious combination of different styles and motifs in a single composition shows how Personalities mutually enrich each other. The family Monogram is a sensual symbol filled with deep meaning. This is a magical gift and a wonderful beginning of new family traditions.

Personal monogram

This is a graphic representation of the inner Self, encrypted in symbols. The monogram expresses individuality and character in the language of lines and images. Stylized ornate interweaving of initials, complemented by elements and ornaments, will become an integral part of life and the beginning of a personal brand. This is an exclusive personal sign, filled with a special meaning, which causes the admiration of others and translates your thoughts.

Corporate monogram – logo

This is a universal solution for increasing the prestige of the company, emphasizing its uniqueness. The original monogram, thanks to a wide variety of styles and artistic techniques, can accurately convey the message embedded in it about the company’s priorities, strengths or mission. A stylish and elegant beginning of corporate style and brand.

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