Development of Coats of Arms: Family, Personal, Corporate.

Coat of Arms – is a unique emblem, created according to the rules of heraldry, and designed to represent a family or individual, company, holding company, city, state.

Coat of arms can be depicted on:
– unique jewellery,
– tableware;
– textiles;
– seals;
– watches;
– flags;
– building facades;
– yachts;
– cars;
– aircraft.

Development of Monograms: Family, Personal, Corporate.

Monogram is a symbol created from united, located next to or intertwined with each other initial letters of the name and surname or abbreviation of the whole name. Also monogram can be formed from the initials of the name of the enterprise, company, holding. In this case it will fulfil the function of a logo.

Monogram can be applied on own and family heirlooms, jewellery, tableware, textiles, clothes, facades of buildings and fences, as well as on printed products, stamps, engraving, on cars and yachts, aircrafts.

Development of unique author illustrations. Custom portraits and paintings.

Illustration is a unique visual image that is used in the design of books, magazines, computer games, project visualisations, and advertising of products, goods and services.

Illustrations can be for:
– Website design;
– branded products, souvenirs;
– visual advertising;
– Corporate calendars;
And other.

Also you can order from us paintings in the interior, portraits in different techniques and styles.

Manufacturing of authors and collectible toys.

Author’s toys – are unique handmade toys, created in a single copy. Each toy has an expressive character and a special style.

Toys to order:
– for private collections;
– for interior;
– VIP mascots of football clubs;
– corporate characters;
– according to photos of pets;
– fantasy characters;
– Teddy;
– in the form of realistic animals.

Development and design of a turnkey website:

– one-page website – lending;
– multi-page website;
– online shop.

Complex approach:
– text writing (copywriting, rewriting, translation);
– completely unique icons and decor elements;
– website design of any complexity;
– site layout and adaptation, mobile version;
– customisation of the administrative panel.

Website development can be implemented using different technologies and programming languages depending on the needs and goals of the project. The main goal of website development is to create a convenient and effective Internet resource for any business.

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