The composition of the coat of arms is restrained, laconic, but at the same time individual and unique.

Family and personal coats of arms

The Standard Category coat of arms contains a set of all mandatory heraldic attributes. Created according to the rules of heraldry, this special sign contains basic information about you, about your family. Such a Coat of Arms is the beginning of a new history, a dynasty. This is the personification of philosophy and parting words, emphasizing the originality of thoughts passed down from generation to generation.
The Standard Category coat of arms has a complete composition designed based on your Personality and wishes. Each element is worked out manually and corresponds to the historically established traditions of creating Coats of Arms. The end result is a concise and holistic reflection of the most important aspects of life.
Such a Coat of Arms has great potential for use in all spheres: from everyday life to business. Thanks to various digital layouts, the symbol can be applied or made of any material and at any scale. In addition, a description of the composition is attached to the Coat of Arms of the Standard Category. Deciphering the meaning and role of each element of the symbol allows you to see the underlying message and the hidden meaning of the Coat of Arms.

Corporate coats of arms

Company coat of arms is the creative basis of the corporate identity, an effective beginning of the development of a successful brand!
Laconic completed composition. An original brand name, with a minimal set of mandatory heraldic elements that emphasize the individuality, peculiarity and strengths of the company.

The result of the work:

1. The image of the coat of arms in contour and color design in the electronic version. Vector original layout + raster formats: JPEG, TIFF, CDR, Ai, EPS, PNG. This package guarantees adaptability of the image for a wide range of applications.
2. Semantic and stylistic description of the coat of arms in an electronic text document. If desired, it can be issued on a special letterhead.

1 - Heraldic shield; 2 - Helmet; 3 - Mantle; 4 - Crest, helmeted kleinod; 5 - Wreath; 6 - Motto ribbon; 7 - Individually selected symbols

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