Branding and Rebranding of a Football Club

A successful brand is not just popularity and a positive reputation, it is an investment in the future of a football team. By paying attention to the little things, you can create an image that will attract new fans, new coaches, new players and, of course, new sponsors.

Today, the brand plays a very important role in the promotion of any product or service, but in promoting a football club, a properly designed brand and strategy are truly invaluable. After all, a football brand is not limited to a logo on a T-shirt and a scarf in the colors of your favorite team – it consists of many components, each of which can benefit or harm the football team.

The basis of almost any brand is its visual style: logo, corporate colors, website, printing, souvenirs and much more. Our Art Studio creates a meaningful design that is filled with special meaning, which is why we are better than others in doing a full or partial rebranding of a Football Club. In addition, we can create a complete brand concept with an original corporate identity.

Branding and rebranding of a football club may include:

▸ Refinement and redesign of the existing logo, as well as the development of a completely new logo and color schemes;

▸ Development of emblems, football crests, mascot animals and other symbols;

▸ Design of football uniforms and sports equipment;

▸ Design of souvenir textile products (clothing, scarves, hats, accessories, toys);

▸ Printing design (booklets, banners, tickets, flyers, posters, albums, posters, corporate documentation);

▸ Design of souvenirs, including collectibles (cards, key rings, dishes, badges, car decor, stickers);

▸ Design of jewelry, cups, awards, coins, medals and other insignia;

▸ Interior and exterior design.

Comprehensive development of a brand and promotion strategy allows you to save a lot of time and resources. If you want to rebrand in honor of the club’s anniversary or a significant event, the design of souvenirs, printing and advertising products will help enhance the effect, attract more attention and get more benefits.

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Features of branding and rebranding of the Football Club

Each area has its own characteristics and its own audience, for which a brand is created and a development strategy is developed. In the case of football, club brands are part of a huge subculture. Therefore, high expectations and requirements are placed on the visual design of football clubs. Moreover, if we are talking about major leagues and national teams, then close attention of the state cannot be avoided.

The emblem of your favorite football team plays a very important role for fans. This is an important part of their life that brings back a lot of emotions and memories. For the state, a football team that goes to matches abroad is the country’s representation in the world of sports. And the visual style of the team and the brand, respectively, are a reflection of the national idea, culture and national brand.

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Why do you need a Football Brand?

A fully developed brand for a football team is more than just a logo and corporate colors. A football brand includes the entire history of a club, its style of play, its values and even the character of its fans. This is what makes the club more unique, recognizable, what inspires the passion and loyalty of the fans.

Besides popularity and recognition, which are certainly very important, there are other advantages to actively developing your brand. To begin with, you can create branded souvenirs, toys and printing that will bring additional profit to the club. Also, souvenirs help to form a deeper emotional connection with the fans, because the football club and favorite team are the passion of the fans, an important part of their lives. Moreover, the constant development of the brand and presence in the information field helps to create communities and associations of fans who support their favorite football team.

By promoting the brand of your football club, you can become more attractive not only to new fans, but also to sponsors, players, and coaches. In this case, the reputation and brand of the club play a very important role. At the same time, outstanding players or coaches can increase the team’s rating and brand reputation, which will make the club even more attractive.

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When is a football club needed to be rebranded?

The time when it is worth rebranding is determined individually. For example, football clubs around the world often rebrand before World Cups or other important matches to attract more attention to themselves. During this preparatory stage, an additional reason to get into the news feed is very important, since a huge number of people closely follow the news in the world of sports. In addition, there are several other moments when it’s time to update the club’s brand.

For example, if your football club has changed management, coaching staff or has many new players, rebranding will help reflect these changes and tell all fans about them.

Also, a change in the brand and image of a football club is necessary if the target audience and promotion strategy changes. A new style is created based on new conditions.

When additional motivation of players is needed, changing the brand and its main components (logo, football uniform, etc.) helps change the dynamics and mood in the team. Some football clubs that are not performing well use rebranding as a symbol of a new strategy, new strength and new breath in the game.

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Examples of rebranding football clubs


In August 2022, Saudi Arabia’s No. 1 football club rebranded and created a conceptually new logo. The old logo of a shield with a soccer ball and a crescent moon has been replaced by a fresher and more modern emblem. It represents the encrypted first letters of the team name, complemented by crescents. The composition has the shape of a shield and looks fresh and stylish. The new symbol of the football club perfectly reflects the changes, because lately football clubs from Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf have been popping up in news feeds every now and then. Now they are actively recruiting new world-class players to their team, and also hiring the best coaches. So, already playing for Al-Hilal: Lucas Digne (formerly Aston Villa defender), Neymar (formerly PSG forward), Yassine Bounou (formerly Sevilla goalkeeper), Ruben Neves (formerly Wolverhampton midfielder), Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (formerly Lazio midfielder), Kalidou Koulibaly (formerly Chelsea defender) and other famous players from the European League.

Al Hilal football team logo before rebranding logo emblem of Al Hilal after rebranding

Paris Saint-Germain

After Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) acquired a 70% stake in the PSG football club in 2011, they decided to make a large-scale rebranding and change the club’s promotion strategy. It was a bright and, to some extent, controversial event, since the royal cradle, the symbol of the city where the football club was founded, was removed from the new logo. To this day, the cradle is on the coat of arms of the town of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, where on September 5, 1638, the future King Louis XIV, one of the most famous monarchs of France and the whole world, was born. It is worth noting that this is not the first attempt to remove the historical symbols of the club from the logo – in 1991, the new owner of the club carried out a large-scale rebranding, which the public perceived negatively. Therefore, the traditional lily, the Eiffel Tower and the royal cradle once again took their place of honor. In 2011 they adopted a fresher style and, although the new logo did not include the royal cradle, they still appealed to most fans.

logo emblem of the PSG team Paris Saint-Germain before rebranding new logo emblem of PSG Paris Saint-Germain

Football is not just a game, it is passion, emotions, devotion, excitement. And rebranding your Football Club is a way to show everyone that your team does not stand still and is constantly developing to make the history of the football club even richer and more interesting. By investing in rebranding, you are investing in the future of your club. A thoughtful and modern brand helps to strengthen the bond between fans and players. The players see the burning hearts and support of the fans, and the fans see the efforts of the players and their desire to win.

Today, branding is an integral part of football culture. This is more than just a logo and corporate colors. Understanding this, our Art Studio can do a full or partial rebranding of a football club. A rebranding that will appeal to both players and spectators. To find out more about the football club rebranding service or to request a free consultation, fill out the application below. We will contact you as soon as possible!

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