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In the world of modern business, logos play an undeniable role in building brand recognition and establishing visual brand identity. They have become an integral part of any successful business, serving not only as a symbol, but also as a means of communication with the target audience. At the same time, with the evolution of design and aesthetic preferences, logos are evolving to become more diverse and individual. More and more companies and brands are trying to stand out in the market, attract attention and be remembered by their audience. That’s why new types of logos are appearing, or existing ones are taking on a variety of styles.

Today we see an amazing variety of logos – from minimalist and modern to emotional and creative. Every company strives to find its own unique style that reflects its values, personality, and uniqueness. A logo becomes an identifier, a way to express your uniqueness and create an emotional connection with your customers. Today, it is impossible to imagine a successful brand without a quality and attractive logo. It becomes the company’s calling card, reflects its values and goals, and attracts the attention of potential customers. Every company should strive to create a strong and memorable logo that will serve as its main symbol and express its uniqueness in the market. Because a logo is not just an image, it is a powerful branding tool that can influence the perception and success of a company.

illustration of m ms company with candies

The origin and popularity of logo illustration

Logo illustration or logo mascot, as it is also called, has a fascinating history. Despite the fact that the main popularity and development of this type of logos is relatively recent, with a sharp increase in demand for unique and attractive images that will stand out from the background of graphic logos, mascots and illustrations were used as the face and basis of the brand already in the last century. Even then, they were an integral part of the promotional strategy, especially for companies that produced products for children, women and household goods. One of the most famous examples is Disney’s Mickey Mouse. The recognizable image of the mouse was used in the logo, corporate illustrations, toys, packaging design, clothing and other ways of interacting with the public. Over the nearly 100 years of the company’s existence, Mickey Mouse has become one of the most recognizable characters in the world.

mickey mouse vintage banner poster illustration 20th century Mickey Mouse illustration

The popularity of logo illustration is due to its advantages, including a special, distinctive look that attracts attention with bright colors, detail and saturation of the composition. After all, logo illustration also creates a unique character, the company mascot, which allows you to personalize the company and brand. Distinctive features of the character, expressed through artistic techniques, associated with the advantages of the company, which allows you to better reveal its mission, ideas, and priorities.

In addition, such a logo gives great opportunities for future creators. By placing the character in new circumstances, you can better reveal his character and the strengths of the company, which allows you to evoke positive emotions and reactions from the audience. Each illustration with the company mascot is its own unique story.

advertisement duracell with a hare advertising illustration with Michelin character

Functionality of Logo Illustration

Logo illustration has another advantage over classic graphic logos. Due to its brightness and attractiveness, such a logo looks much more interesting on souvenirs and prints. For example, it is enough to apply the logo illustration to clothing to get a bright, colorful wardrobe item that is so popular with children. This is especially important for small and medium-sized companies that create souvenir products, but cannot afford to allocate large budgets for professional illustrations and high-quality design of each souvenir. Earlier we wrote about why the design of souvenirs should be professional and how quality design can benefit the brand and promotion of the company. After all, it is better to order a professional, unique logo and one or two illustrations to it, than to save money and show the audience dozens of low-quality images. In this case, regardless of the style of logo and design, instead of benefit will only harm the promotion and reputation of the company, as logo, design and branding – the same important investment as the purchase of quality equipment or materials.

Most often, logo mascots are used on T-shirts, mugs, notepads, bags, stickers, flags, calendars, signs and banners. In these cases, just an image of the logo is enough. If it is made by professionals, special layouts with correct color rendering are provided for printing and souvenirs. Also, the character often becomes the main character of illustrations for the same souvenirs or, for example, promotion on the Internet: banners on the site, advertisements, and watermarks. Stickers for messengers should be singled out in a separate category, as it is a unique way of native interaction with the audience and brand promotion.

branding of the vipleo caracal nursery

How to choose a mascot and a character for a logo?

As mentioned above, a properly chosen character will allow to fully conveying the ideas and advantages of the company. In addition, such a character can be used in the creation of corporate identity, polygraph and so on. All this helps to expand the brand and create a strong emotional connection with the audience. But how to choose the right character?

Actually, there are no clear rules and recommendations. Everything is limited only by the creativity of the artist and a number of strong qualities, associations. The main thing is that the character is elaborate, interesting and unique. After all, it is enough to look at the most famous examples of logo mascots of world brands to understand the diversity and artistry of characters. Almost always, the character is directly or indirectly related to the company’s business. And when it comes to pet kennels, it is not uncommon for the mascot of a logo illustration to be a particular pet that best exemplifies the unique traits and qualities of the breed.

Maine coon kennel and logo mascot illustration

The introduction of logo illustrations in the business world has had a significant impact on the development of companies and the establishment of their unique brand. There were many prerequisites and different circumstances for this, but it is worth understanding the main thing: a logo mascot can diversify a brand and make it more personalized. With a mascot, a company in any field will be able to stand out from the competition and get a noticeable benefit: authority, trust, profit. Therefore, even if a company already has a graphic logo, a logo illustration will be a great addition to the corporate style. This has been clearly proven by many large companies, banks, holdings and global brands that already use logo illustration and have their own unique characters.

However, as with all things, it is important to turn to professionals to develop a unique logo illustration. With us you can order not only the creation of a company mascot and character, but also the design of souvenirs, stickers for messengers, professional illustrations and much more. To get a consultation or learn more, fill out the feedback form at the bottom of the page or contact us directly. Our art studio works all over the world and is always available!

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