Paris Fashion Week 2023

From September 25 to October 3, Paris hosted Fashion Week, which concluded a series of major fashion shows in four centers of culture and glamour: New York, London and Milan. Now we can summarize the results of the past event and discuss the women’s collections for the Spring-Summer 2024 season.

Fashion Week is always a sensation, attracting the attention of the world’s media. Every detail is perfected: from the type of fabric, to the type of stitching, to the color of the model’s lipstick. After all, the models presented set the trend and vector of development of the entire fashion industry.

So, what will be in fashion in the spring and summer of 2024? What things from the wardrobe it is time to hide, and what – on the contrary – to get? Let’s get to the bottom of it.

First of all, it is worth mentioning a new trend that has already been noticed by many connoisseurs of beauty – gloves. Regardless of length, cut and material, gloves are becoming one of the most important attributes. Some even suggest wearing only one glove at a time. High leather gloves, such as those presented by Nina Ricci and Lanvin (including men’s models), as well as transparent versions and short gloves, such as those presented by Givenchy, were particularly popular. Perhaps a consequence of the pandemic, the accessory looks stylish, combining practicality and elegance. A less obvious trend is the leather belt. Black, brown or burgundy belts are the perfect complement to trousers, jeans, coats, dresses and skirts. Or, like Ann Demeulemeester, wear the belt on your arm.

When it comes to clothes, oversize is still very much in vogue, combined with complex, sculptural cuts, corsets and various close-fitting elements. At the same time, the trend of layering is gaining popularity: to emphasize your individuality, you can wear a skirt over pants or shorts over a dress.

Naomi Campbell spoke at the fashion week in Paris

The main trends for 2024

Among the models presented, the combination of colors is immediately noticeable. For example, Dior and Channel offered a classic black and white combination, which was less enthusiastically received by the public than the burugundi of Hermes and Valentino. Next year, the more sophisticated and expensive shade of red will be replaced by a bright and provocative scarlet, which is not for everyone. However, Akris and ElieSaab showed that the business combination of black and white can also look elegant on evening gowns.

At all shows, designers showed the audience their variations of the floral pattern. In spring and summer 2024, large red flowers and three-dimensional decorations will adorn not only skirts and dresses, but also accessories and jewelry.

The so-called transparency deserves special attention. Last fashion week, “nude dresses” remain popular and are becoming more and more entrenched in the everyday wardrobes of fashionistas. To get away from excessive vulgarity, Paris found the perfect balance in the density of materials that hide nudity.

In terms of materials, designers showed diversity: Chloe, Hermes, McQueen, MiuMiu emphasized natural leather and sheepskin, while StellaMcCartney stuck to her principle: “You can be beautiful, dress warmly and not kill anyone. Meanwhile, LouisVuitton mixed different textures to create unique textures.

trendy color from Valentino at Paris Fashion Week New color in trend spring summer 2024

Many experts noted some important details for next season. For example, accentuated shoulders on shirts, jackets, coats and dresses will remain fashionable for another year. These garments will look elegant and graceful in both day and evening wear.

In addition to gloves, there is another trend reminiscent of the era of balls in halls with moldings and candelabras. Puffed sleeves were presented in several variations: as part of blouses, bombers, dresses and even outerwear.

In contrast to puffy sleeves and layering, necklines and bare midriffs will be in for spring and even more so for summer 2024. All sorts of variations of exposing one or another part of the body were also seen at the shows in other cities. Among the proposed options, you can choose both bold and eye-catching solutions, as well as more elegant and restrained ones.

trends of 2024 wide sleeves Mugler at Paris Fashion Week 2024

If a bare stomach or naked dresses are not for you, you can look at another trend of the season – peek-a-boo underwear. Victoria Beckham and Giambattista Valli showed options for underwear that peeked out from under tight clothing.

Club jackets, various skirts, shoulder pads – some experts are already talking about nostalgic images of the 80s, which will be especially relevant next season. In any case, the last Fashion Week in Paris was a wonderful, bright event that generated a lot of positive emotions. Fashionistas from all over the world will be studying the new trends in clothing and makeup for a long time to come in order to impress everyone with new outfits next year.

the trend of 2024 is the combination of black and white Black dress in the trend of 2024

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