Designing a Monogram as a gift

Giving gifts is a wonderful thing. And it is doubly wonderful when the gift is perfect for a person, emphasizes his personality, reveals his style and expresses your recognition and respect. Such a gift is a monogram. This symbol is created from the initials of the owner and additional elements that personify the character traits, achievements, status and other qualities of the owner. Monogram can belong to one person or several people at once can be the beginning of personal style and personal brand, show a close relationship between people or high social status. This symbol is a work of art, with which you can create an infinite number of personal and unique products: jewellery, seals, accessories, clothing and many others.

Designing a Monogram as a gift

The first monograms appeared on the coins of ancient Greek cities before our era. But already by the period of antiquity monograms from initials became an attribute of outstanding figures of politics, culture and art. Monograms and monograms and monograms were depicted on jewellery, furniture, weapons, works of art. Later this symbol became an obligatory accessory of monarchs, lawyers, merchants, representatives of religion and many other professions, as well as public associations and companies. Monogram is a sign of prestige and high position in society, both 500 years ago and today. Such a gift will leave no one indifferent and will help to express your sincere and strong feelings.

Monogram will be a great gift for:

– Spouse. Monogram is a sensual gift that expresses strong and sincere feelings. It can be used to create unique jewellery, accessories and more.

– For newlyweds or engaged couples. Special wedding monograms can depict the intertwining of two destinies and the unity of two hearts. In addition, such monograms are often used in the decoration of celebrations.

– Married couple. If the wedding is left in beautiful memories, you can create a Family Monogram in honour of the anniversary. A family monogram can become the basis for the style of future symbols of descendants and will help add cosiness to the family nest.

– Business Owner. If someone important to you is starting their own business, a Personal Monogram will be a great help. It is the foundation of a brand that shows strengths and exclusivity.

– Library owners, writers or paper collectors. The monogram – ex-libris is a traditional symbol to identify the owner of a book.

– Specialists in notaries, legal or other fields. Printing with a personal monogram for correspondence and letters will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

– People with outstanding achievements, firm principles and their own special point of view. Monogram will tell the whole world about the exclusivity of character and uniqueness of the Person.

Creating a monogram takes place in several stages. It is a fascinating process that begins with filling out a questionnaire about the owner of the future symbol. You can fill it out yourself if you want to make a surprise. And if you are making a gift to a person who is especially dear and close to you, filling in the questionnaire is another reason to remember his strong qualities, character and achievements. In turn, our specialists will be happy to help you answer your questions.
The terms of monogram execution as a gift may vary depending on the complexity of the composition and other factors. However, our many years of experience and well-coordinated team allow us to create unique artistic symbols in record time – literally in a matter of days.
In case there is very little time left before the date of awarding, you can execute a personalized Gift Certificate for monogram design. The certificate, designed in an exclusive style, we will send you electronically or in kind to your mailing address. Such a certificate can also be issued for several services of our art studio. This will allow the giver to choose the category of services or style of the future symbol.


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