How to create a unique logo

Every entrepreneur knows that you can’t do without a logo these days. After all, it is a company’s business card, one of the main elements of corporate style and identity. A unique logo is the key to a company’s attractiveness and customers’ trust. It is the first thing a person encounters even before using the company’s services. But how do you create such a unique logo that will be a true reflection of your company’s strengths and advantages? A logo that will work for the development and promotion of the business.

Ballet school logo sketch

What is the process of logo creation?

The first stage of logo creation is the most extensive and includes several points. First of all, it is necessary to study the characteristics of the company, its strengths, the history of its creation, the scope of its activity and much more. You can set your goals and say what you want to convey to your audience, what is a priority for you. After that, you need to study your competitors and the market to create an idea for the future symbol of the company, which will help to distinguish itself from its competitors and stand out from their background. Analyzing the company and its competitors is an extensive process, on which the effectiveness of the logo depends. And the development of a creative logo idea is the basis for the uniqueness of the symbol.

Infographic of the growth of popularity in the form of pencils

At the second stage, creativity, or even art, begins. After all, it is not easy to fit a lot of information into a small minimalist logo, it requires careful elaboration of every detail. Our art studio will provide you with several logo sketches to choose from, so that you can clearly see how these or other advantages of the company are expressed in the language of lines and geometric shapes.

After choosing a sketch, we proceed to the development of the color palette, because the color scheme of the logo also plays a huge role. Color can convey emotion, atmosphere, or a completely unique meaning associated with your company. Finally, we make the logo more detailed.

bright and colorful logo for a ballet studio

When the logo is finished, it needs to be tested and possibly refined. Testing takes place on different media and materials, under different circumstances. This is to ensure that the finished logo always looks perfect and creates only the best associations with the company. After testing, we develop logo layouts that are optimized for widespread use. A set of layouts helps maintain the original color palette and detail in future projects.

Corporate identity and logo for a ballet school

A unique logo is an important part in the promotion of any business. It should be given due attention to create the right image and reputation for the company. That’s why it’s so important to contact specialists. Of course, recently there have been many platforms for creating a logo online, but from such a symbol of the company can’t expect high performance and positive reaction of the audience. It is professional artists and designers who will be able to develop a really creative and beautiful logo that will please both company owners and customers.

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