Design a coat of arms as a gift

A symbol of significance and uniqueness

Sometimes choosing a gift for an important person is a real challenge. You are looking for something special that will reflect the importance of the person in your life and the uniqueness of their character. The gift should be prestigious and expressive enough to match the high social status and represent your recognition and sincere feelings. And we have a solution to this problem! A personal or family coat of arms is an ideal gift for a round date, like a husband’s anniversary, parents’ wedding anniversary or a business partner’s birthday.

After all, a coat of arms has always been a symbol of prestige, pride, outstanding achievements. But if earlier the right to give a coat of arms was only for Kings, today everyone can make such a valuable and beautiful gift! Created according to all the rules and canons, the coat of arms is not just an artistic drawing; it combines the past, present and future of the Armiger and his family. Traditionally, the owner of the coat of arms, i.e. Armiger is considered to be a male representative of the family, but the family coat of arms can be inherited by all future generations. Such a gift is ideal for established men who have their own principles, ideas, and goals. At the same time, the coat of arms is also a symbol of family unity, family values and traditions. It will become an integral part of the heritage for all future generations for centuries. Therefore, it is possible to present such a special symbol and a married couple, and the whole family.

Our works are characterized not only by full compliance with heraldic rules, but also by practicality and aesthetics. We pay much attention to the artistic execution and style of the symbol, as well as provide a set of digital layouts, with which the use and application of the symbol will bring one pleasure. In addition, each of our coats of arms is accompanied by a mandatory document – blazon and semantic description, which reveals the meaning of all elements and their interaction in the overall composition.

The process of designing a coat of arms as a gift

Preparatory stage

Together with our specialist you fill out a questionnaire about the future owner of the coat of arms, discuss all the wishes, ideas and accents of the future symbol. We will be glad if you tell us about the history of the Armiger family and how you came up with the idea to create a coat of arms as a gift.

Developing sketches

Since the development of a coat of arms is a process with many nuances and rules, we develop several black and white sketches with different composition and content. Of course you can make your own adjustments to the selected sketch. And after approval of the black and white sketch, we create several variants of colour schemes, because colours in the coat of arms play a big role.

Creating a set of layouts

When the final look of the future coat of arms is chosen, we start drawing layouts that will allow you to comfortably use the symbol for any tasks. This is the final, but no less time-consuming process, because a high-quality layout of the coat of arms will preserve its pristine appearance for many generations to come, as well as reveal the full beauty of the symbol.

The main difference in the development of a coat of arms as a gift is centred on the first stage of work: in filling out the questionnaire. If you decided to make such a special gift as a Coat of Arms, it means that the giver plays a big role in your life and answering a few simple questions about hobbies and personal life of the Armiger will not be a problem. Besides, the questionnaire is conducted together with an experienced specialist, who will tell you how best to find out the missing answers, if any. For example, if you are preparing a surprise. Nevertheless, we offer the possibility of a gift certificate from the Traditions of Times Art Studio.

Gift Certificate for Coat of Arms Design

ПA gift certificate will be a great solution if you:

– Want to order a coat of arms as a gift, but the date of delivery is just days away. You can issue a certificate in just 24 hours.

– Want to give not only a coat of arms, but also emotions during its development. Creating a coat of arms allows you to remember all family traditions, values, stories, feelings. In the process Armiger will visually see how he and his loved ones are reflected in heraldic symbols.

– Don’t know the exact wishes of the future symbol. Gift certificate can be issued for one or several services of the art studio, so the owner of the certificate will be able to choose the desired symbol: coat of arms, monogram, ex-libris, and emblem.

– You do not know all the subtleties about the personal life of the giver, but you want to express your respect. For example, a coat of arms as a gift to a companion, co-workers, boss.

How to make a gift certificate?

To make a gift certificate for the design of a family coat of arms, you can fill out the application form at the bottom of the page or contact us directly. After discussing all the details, we will create a Name Certificate for the design of a coat of arms of the chosen category with a personalized design, which we will send to your e-mail. On request we can decorate the certificate in a baguette, binding or other way and send it by courier. We do not use chat bots, only live communication regardless of time zone.

How to give (present) a Coat of Arms.

Coat of arms is a special symbol that deserves a separate presentation. There are many uses for a coat of arms: from family sets and tapestries to pieces of furniture and tattoos. You can choose your own unique application that will emphasize the hobbies and achievements of the Armiger, or you can order a more universal execution of the coat of arms. For example, a picture with a coat of arms. The abundance of execution techniques and design options will allow you to make a picture that will be perfect for the interior of the house or office Armiger. And quality execution guarantees the durability of the product. In addition to the painting, we can make for you a family seal with a coat of arms. Such a gift will make all personal and family correspondence unique and inimitable, and the seal itself will become a new family heirloom and a legacy for the next generations. In addition to this, a great way to reveal the meaning and specialty of such a gift as a coat of arms is a video presentation. This is a video that clearly shows how certain character traits, hobbies and traditions of the Armiger and his family are embodied in heraldic elements, as well as reveals their meaning and role. After all, each symbol in the Coat of Arms has not only heraldic meaning, but is also closely related to the life of the Armiger.


You can learn more about the variants of application of the coat of arms and other
heraldic symbols in our blog.

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