Turnkey website development

Design, Layout, Text Writing (copywriting, rewriting, translation), Drawing unique banners in illustration style

Website design and layout

Do you want a convenient, beautiful and useful website? We pay special attention to creating a design that will reveal your business from a new side! Every element, down to the smallest icon, will be made from scratch. No designers or templates! We write the code that allows us to implement all ideas exactly, as well as perform internal optimisation and increase stability.

A quality website is an indispensable part of any company. It has a wide range of functionality and plays a huge role in the development and promotion of business in the digital space. Having your own website allows you to interact with people around the world, talk about your advantages, promote your product and develop your brand at a tremendous pace. In today’s world, it’s hard to imagine a company that doesn’t use a website for its own development. After all, among all the many ways to declare themselves to the world, it is the company’s website plays a key role. A unique and stylish design, easy navigation, optimisation for all devices and well thought-out structure of the site – one of the foundations of successful promotion.

Development of a business card site

Development of a multi-page site

Development of online shop

Since the creation of a website consists of several stages, a whole team of developers is involved. You do not need to waste time looking for designers, layout designers, programmers, marketers, analysts and copywriters, because you can turn to us.

Structure, content, design and style of pages is extremely important for further promotion of the site on the Internet. But the most important thing is usefulness and usability. Our sites are convenient to use not only guests, but also the owners of the web resource.

Comprehensive approach

Text writing (copywriting, rewriting, translation)

Development of original banners

Completely unique icons and decor elements

Website design of any complexity

Site layout and adaptation, mobile version

Administration panel customisation.

Our services and projects

One-page/lending site

One of the most effective ways to tell about a new product of the company or take contacts of a potential client. Such a site consists of a single page divided into blocks, so it requires relatively little time and resources to create. However, it has limited functionality and can often perform only one task. Landing page, supplemented with animated elements and bright design, perfectly captures the attention of visitors and encourages them to take a certain action. For example, filling out a feedback form or making a purchase.

Multipage site

Multipurpose site that can contain any amount of information and perform several tasks at once. Such a site is suitable for promotion and development on the Internet any organisation, company or personal brand. Multipage site is a group of narrowly focused pages that allow you to create the most extensive representation of the company, its services, benefits, portfolio. All information is clearly structured and divided into categories, sections, groups, as a unique design and easy navigation – one of the most important parameters.

Internet shop

Such a site is necessary if the company promotes a large number of goods or services. For each item there is a separate page, there is a lot of additional functions: filter, search, favourites, shopping cart, and often user authorization. The structure and design of online shops are the most complex and require the greatest resources. In the same category can also be attributed to online storefronts, which, unlike online shops, there is no opportunity to purchase goods. Special attention is paid not only to the creation of the original style of the online shop, but also to its optimisation.

We develop the structure of pages on the basis of SEO analytics, as well as perform internal optimisation. This means that you will get a full-fledged website, which is fully ready for use and promotion on the Internet!

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