All elements in the Coat of Arms of the Elite category interact at the subtlest level, intertwining in meaning and heraldic significance, reveal the whole story, embody armigers, contain a message to contemporaries and future generations.

Family and personal coats of arms

The coat of arms of the Elite category is more than a heraldic symbol. It is a masterpiece of traditional heraldry and fine art. A complex composition of many interconnected elements conceals a huge amount of information, the connection of the past, present and future. The accumulated experience of previous generations, information about the origin of the surname, your character and achievements, spiritual and moral foundations and a message to descendants – all this is closely intertwined in one Coat of Arms, worked out to the smallest detail.
Such an exceptional result is achieved thanks to a special technology for creating a symbol: several teams of narrow specialists of the highest level participate in the development. Under the guidance of the chief heraldist, genealogical, ethnographic and historical studies of your origin, your family are conducted. In addition, family traditions, values, achievements and every facet of an outstanding Personality are analyzed. Based on the research results and your wishes, a multi-level composition is compiled in which the figures, having several meanings, complement each other and embody the harmony of a person. Each element of the resulting composition is worked out and drawn by a team of professionals under the guidance of the main artist, and then transferred to an electronic format, where the final revision of the Coat of Arms takes place.
The result of this painstaking work is a masterpiece that impresses with its detail and beauty. Such a symbol will take an honorable place in world heraldry, endowing the Armiger and his entire Family with well-deserved prestige and universally recognized status.
A set of digital models of the Coat of Arms, a complete semantic description of the symbol on the letterhead and in electronic format, as well as an elegant hand-painted painting by talented artists in one of several techniques to choose from will also help secure a place in history. The coat of arms of the Elite category is the author’s project of the Heraldic Workshop “Restoration of Imperial heraldry”.

Corporate coats of arms

The Corporate Coat of Arms will represent your company, your business in the best traditions of classical world heraldry. The logo in the language of heraldry will tell about the history, achievements and philosophy of the company, about its unique mission, moral values, traditions and a confident desire for successful development, conquering new business peaks.
Careful development using the maximum number of elements of the coat of arms, the highest skill of the artist, large-scale coat of arms composition, unique appearance and laconism of design, the deepest meaning of the coat of arms elements.

The result of the work:

1. Original image: the painting – a masterpiece of fine art. Technique of execution at the Customer’s choice: watercolor, ink / pen, foil, oil / canvas, gouache-tempera.
2. The image of the coat of arms in contour and color design in the electronic version. Vector original layout + raster formats: JPEG, TIFF, CDR, Ai, EPS, PNG.
This package guarantees adaptability of the image for a wide range of applications.
3. A complete semantic and stylistic description of the coat of arms in an electronic text document, as well as issued on letterhead.
4. Heraldic Workshop client card with individual bonus programs, design project for application, product miscalculations, loyalty programs, gifts.
5. The family seal is made by hand by an experienced jeweler, based on an individual project, covered with gold, with the imprint of your Coat of Arms already.

1 - Heraldic shield; 2 - Helmet; 3 - Mantle; 4 - Crest, helmeted kleinod; 5 - Wreath; 6 - Motto ribbon; 7 - Individually selected symbols; 8 -Compartment; 9 - Shield holders, Supporters.

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