A company name can’t consist of a set of random letters. And a logo can’t contain of a set of random shapes and colours. A logo is the foundation of a brand and the visual representation of your business. The times when web design and branding was done by street artists or employees of the company itself are in the past. After all, today everyone realises that a stylish and original company brand is no less important than the quality of the product or service.

Our Art Studio provides a wide range of services to create and develop brand and corporate style. We don’t chase the number of orders, but pay maximum attention to each project. Therefore, each of our work is a unique work of art.

We can offer you a wide variety of styles: minimalistic, realistic, hyper-realistic, cartoon style, abstract, graphic and others. We also offer a choice of digital techniques of project execution: raster and vector graphics; manual techniques of execution: ink-pen, manual watercolour and pencil graphics. At the same time, regardless of your choice, we’ll provide a full set of files – layouts, adapted for wide application both in Internet resources and for printing (the list of possible or necessary products is discussed individually).

Illustrations are an important part of corporate identity and visual identity. In some cases illustrations have a significant advantage over photographs, and in others they are simply indispensable. We focus on creating unique artistic illustrations that will complement any brand or company.

Corporate illustrations for business and brand

Such illustrations in original style will make the brand more cohesive and exclusive.

Corporate illustrations are used to design:
corporate calendars;
VIP catalogues, booklets;
corporate souvenirs and gifts;
certificates and printing;
employee uniforms;
design of media resources and websites.
Corporate illustrations develop corporate style and brand, and become an integral part of the brand. Aesthetic and sophisticated illustrations are a great solution for companies in various spheres.

For example, illustrations of large construction projects: visualisation of future shopping centres, recreation centres, hotels and residential complexes, as well as illustrations of the construction process; everyday products: food industry, cosmetics, grooming products, clothing, accessories, household chemicals and many others.

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Marketing and advertising illustrations

Advertising products are amazingly diverse, because today advertising is practically an art form. We develop illustrations in various styles for natural, native or, on the contrary, aggressive promotion of goods. These illustrations are used both digitally and in printing.

They can fulfil one or several tasks:
announcing an event, product release, publication or display;
informing about discounts, promotions or special offers;
immersing in the philosophy and benefits of the brand and company;
introducing the audience to the brand and attracting new audiences.
Marketing illustrations are used on flyers, business cards, banners, signs – all kinds of outdoor, print and digital advertising. We provide a range of layouts that allow you to use illustrations for any purpose.

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Illustration of product or service packaging

A beautiful illustration on packaging is a winning option for goods of any segment. Competently designed and most importantly artistic illustrations will generate genuine interest as well as attention to the product. Illustrations can be used on labels, packaging, wrapping materials, boxes.

We develop illustrations and certificate designs, as well as web page and application designs to promote a business or various services. Besides, it is not always possible to take a picture of a service as opposed to a product. In such a case, illustrations are a great solution.

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Process illustrations

These illustrations have a huge advantage, because they help to tell the audience about the technological process of production, restoration or provision of services in an original and attractive style.

Also, illustrations allow you to tell about the features of the company without revealing confidential information or secrets of production.

If you want to show the process of creating a product, but the photos look banal and unaesthetic – order artistic illustrations. This is especially relevant for the spheres of medicine, security, service, construction, manufacturing and many others.

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Illustrations for computer games and cartoons

We create illustrations for computer games, as well as develop:
– game characters;
– interface design;
– flash game design;
– game locations design;
– graphic game elements;
– cartoon characters.

Creating game illustrations is a complex process in which we pay attention to originality, practicality and aesthetics. Our illustrations convey the atmosphere and mood of the game or cartoon, as well as the characters and personalities of the characters.

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Illustrations for educational materials and documents

Artistic and informative illustrations will make any instruction much more interesting. In addition, these illustrations are used in:
– information booklets;
– documentation;
– educational literature;
– guidebooks;
– memos.

Original illustrations not only develop corporate identity, but also help to better absorb information and maintain concentration. This is a great way to make the process of learning or informing more interesting and engaging for people of all ages.

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Book Illustrations

We design illustrations for books of any genre. Depending on the style, we will suggest the most appropriate technique for you. For example, the technique of engraving or author’s watercolour. With the help of illustration we can visualise the unique style of the work, which will be displayed in every line. We create both children’s illustrations for fairy tales and detailed fantasy artwork.

Besides, we make covers for any literature and printing, as well as full design of printed products of any directions:
– children’s literature, fairy tales;
– fiction, books;
– educational literature, textbooks;
– journalistic literature, magazines, brochures;
– scientific literature, encyclopaedias.

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Besides logo and illustration design, we also specialise in other services. For example:

Popular services

Our Art Studio is characterised by a thorough approach to the execution of each project. We have extensive experience in design and art and have been developing a professional approach to creating logos and illustrations for many years. As a brand can’t be considered only from the point of view of beauty and marketing. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of psychology, culture, mission of the company.

Techniques of execution

If you appreciate not only beautiful appearance, but also deep meaning, conceptuality, then you have turned to the right people. Moreover, we provide exclusive services for urgent fulfilment of orders in the shortest possible time. With a guarantee of high quality work!

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