Heraldic symbols as a gift

In Traditions of the Times art studio’s many years of experience in the field of heraldry, we have often been commissioned to design a heraldic symbol as a gift. In this article we will share the most common occasions for such unusual gifts.

It is a well-known fact that coats of arms and monograms are still popular in the modern world. We often say that in the 21st century, heraldry has moved to a new, higher level of development: many generic or personal symbols have become the logos of companies, brands and part of the whole visual art. Therefore, a coat of arms and a monogram is also an interesting and unusual gift that is popular not only among aristocrats.

One of the most common heraldic symbols of our time is the wedding monogram. It is a very sensual gift to the newlyweds, symbolizing the entwining of two destinies. The monogram at weddings is also an honorable symbol that is used in creating decorations, decorating rooms and tables, and decorating wedding dresses. When the ceremonies are over, the couple will be left with their own unique monogram which reflects the newlyweds’ personalities and becomes a decoration of their home. Alternatively, a family coat of arms can be given as a wedding gift instead of a monogram. Such a gift is common in Europe, and not just for weddings. For example, a gift for a wedding anniversary or acquaintance. It is a frequent gift from children to parents, and vice versa. But also often a coat of arms or a monogram is ordered as a gift for a business partner or a boss. Because in this way you can express your deep respect to the person, to show his significance and confidence in his principles.

Although men have always been considered the progenitors, heraldic symbols are often given to the fairer sex as well. Most often it is a personal monogram for a spouse or just a loved one. Such a gift is especially appropriate for those who are engaged in public activities, have their own business or promote their personal brand. After all, a personal monogram will become the face of the company and allow you to create more elegant branded products. Moreover, it is a sensual gift that will emphasize beautiful sides of a girl and help to express the strongest and sincerest emotions. And with digital layouts adapted for wide application, you can create completely unique jewelry, accessories or find other interesting uses for the symbol. It can be the start of a beautiful tradition. In addition, you can order monograms of Premium and Elite categories that allow to reveal more capaciously the character and personality of the owner, as well as other aspects of life: family, achievements, hobbies, priorities and many others.

To order the design of heraldic symbols, you need to contact us. You can fill in the feedback form or contact us directly. As the symbol should reflect its owner, it will be necessary to specify personal information about the person: character traits, ideas, strengths, goals achieved. In the case of a monogram it is also necessary to choose the style of execution. If you do not have a full biography of the person to whom you want to give such a gift, it is not a problem. We will advise you based on our vast experience in creating symbols in a short time or as a surprise gift. Or you can take advantage of a special service created for such occasions and issue a gift certificate for making a heraldic symbol.

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