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Why is the creation of a logo is given priority? This symbol becomes the basis of the corporate style, which plays a huge role in the development of the company. A competent design of an advertisement or label and a stylish logo are no less important than the quality of the product and the ways of promotion.

In our art studio you can order the development of an original logo in various styles and techniques. Artists and designers of “Traditions of Times” combine the advantages of manual and digital graphics to make your symbol extraordinary and attractive.

If you need a deeply thought-out logo with a unique idea, we offer a choice of several basic execution techniques:

logo sketches – Digital raster graphics, which is perfect for most tasks. It has a huge variety of styles and features.
– Digital vector graphics is the most versatile technique of execution, since vector layouts allow you to use the logo even for the most specific purposes.
– Hand-made watercolor graphics. This technique of execution has unique color transitions and an expressive palette. Therefore, watercolor logos will perfectly emphasize the atmosphere of comfort and will cause the greatest response from the audience.
– Manual ink-pen technique, which is most suitable for a male audience. The classic style attracts with its restraint and laconic forms. A technique that has been used in premium products for hundreds of years.
– Manual pencil technique is the basis of fine art. Logos in this technique retain even the lightest touches and details.

The logo is just the beginning of the corporate style. You can order a comprehensive brand development, corporate colors, corporate fonts and design of any souvenir, printed and stationery products from us.

Art studio “Traditions of Times” performs projects of any complexity!

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