Sotheby`s Arts Festival presents portraits of English queens

Fine art is a cultural value. We would be deprived of history, knowledge or solving mysteries if people did not know how to draw. Yet luxurious canvases even very valuable should stay at the gallery. They are unique, inimitable, masterpieces, okay. But we can go see them in a museum or at exhibition. At home, we want to see something closr to our heart. Landscape, abstraction, family portrait that evokes feelings, makes you think or brings peace. We look at the world’s cultural heritage and gain experience. For example, the Sotheby Arts Festival.

Arts Festival at Sotheby`s, dedicated to the seventieth anniversary of the reign of Elizabeth II

The current Queen of England has been in power for 70 years. The world community could not ignore such an event, so Sotheby opened an exhibition in May. Portraits of the queens of England are presented to the attention of visitors. Sotheby`s arranged not just an exhibition, but an art festival, in addition to paintings, jewelry in the form of tiaras, as well as some rare text documents, will be presented at the festival. The exhibition, which opened on May 22, will end on July 9.

Beautiful painting of Queen Anne Portrait of Queen Mary II presented for the British Art Festival

The portraits are presented from Queen Mary I to the current Queen Elizabeth II following the chronology. Thus subjects could see their monarchs, since not everyone was able to visit the court and even see the face of the monarch out of the corner of their eye. Royal portraits were not just images, they created a certain impression of the first lady of the kingdom. Now these canvases are works of art.

Queen Victoria enthroned, portrait of Queen Victoria

“Invincible Armada” – this is how the portrait of Queen Elizabeth I was called. It was during her reign that the Spanish Armada was defeated. It used to be considered invincible until the battle with the English fleet. Under the reign of this queen, the country experienced a cultural flowering, as well as the strengthening of England’s position on the world stage. Anne became the first queen to rule a united England when the unification of the kingdom was legal. Victoria had the titles of Queen of the United Kingdom of England and Ireland, later Empress of India. The portrait exposition is completed by our contemporary Elizabeth II.

A colorful portrait of the young Queen Elizabeth II for an exhibition at Sotheby`s

An unforgettable experience awaits visitors to the cultural festival. Some of the exhibits presented at the festival are provided by museums, royal houses, and private collections. For example, back in 1960, the famous jewelry house Van Cleef & Arpels created a unique tiara with turquoise stones in the Indian style. Such events are a reminder that art will never lose its relevance, as well as that it enriches the culture and heritage of any country.

Reigning Queen Elizabeth II, portrait of the reigning queen, Sotheby`s auction

Photos taken from Sotheby`s Instagram resources

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