How to brand products?

Branded products are a great way to become an integral part of your audience’s lives. It is also an effective advertisement or a way of communicating with customers. That sounds great but what does ‘branded products’ mean?

Broadly speaking, it is the totality of all promotional and merchandising products that are associated with your company or brand. And this versatile tool is used everywhere but many still don’t know how to unlock its full potential. This is certainly a very voluminous topic, so in this article we will look at the potential of branded product design.

Most companies limit themselves to putting their logo on ordinary bags, notepads, business cards and so on. Yes, it is an affordable and simple way to create branded products but if you pay attention to global brands, you can see some patterns. For example – the active use of corporate colors. Google merchandise is often colored in shades of yellow, blue, red and green. And it’s the exact color palette that’s being emphasized.

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Another striking example is Nike. Unlike Google souvenirs which do not often feature stylized company lettering, the sports brand modifies its logo in every way, creating unusual compositional solutions. Besides, the Nike logo is monochrome which also focuses attention on geometry and composition.

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Another universal solution that will suit most companies is illustration. For example, illustrations on Dior bags. In fact, in this way you can shift the attention from the logo and show the brand from the other side or, on the contrary, highlight the logo by means of composition, diversify it, reveal it. Thus, a paradox arises: branded products reflect the corporate identity and the corporate identity develops through branded products. This is because every time you create an unusual souvenir or design an illustration, you make your brand more varied, attractive and interesting. And that’s bound to increase your audience’s trust and interest. After all, creating branded products will show your interest in the wishes and values of your customers.

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You can order the design of any souvenir and promotional product as well as the creation of corporate illustrations, logos or corporate identity in our art studio. We have been working internationally for more than 15 years and have been developing thoughtful and meaningful design for the past.

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