Teddy style toys

Artistic vision of the image

Teddy style toys are the most sought after type of toys among collectors. They are also very well suited as gifts and can fit into almost any interior.

Each work made in our workshop carries not only material, but also artistic value. And a toy donated for a certain celebration can become a real family heirloom and be inherited by the next generations.

Depending on your wishes, the toy can be made both in the traditional technique (stuffed with sawdust, embroidered nose and howler), and in a more modern style (with reinforced paws and ears for greater mobility, with additional elements made of polymers or natural materials), as well as with a changeable wardrobe and accessories.

Our art studio can develop paired toys for you or create a complete series. For each work, we create special passports, which indicate the basic information: year of manufacture, materials, care recommendations, and so on.

In addition, here you can order souvenirs or accessories with the image of the finished character (postcards, cups, textiles), as well as gift wrapping.

Tenderness in every detail
High quality materials
Durability, high quality tailoring
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