Realistic toys

Maximum detail

Do you collect toys or anything related to animals, want to diversify the interior or do you just like foxes, big wild cats, wolves and bears? Pay attention to realistic toys in our art studio.

Soft sculptures will help decorate your shop, cafe, entertainment center or living room. This is a great way to create exotic animal or “hunting trophies” installations without any animal being harmed.

We create unique toys that do not just convey the general features of animals – they repeat the anatomy and proportions, all the features. Every detail is carefully worked out: whiskers, claws, movable jaw and eyes, paw pads, teeth, and much more. For a more accurate anatomical similarity, in some cases a prototype is made. In this case, we do not use natural fur!

In order for the finished work to have the opportunity to change its position (sit, stand, lie), there is a special plastic skeleton inside it. It has some size restrictions, so a toy with such properties cannot exceed one meter in length (from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail). Larger specimens can be sewn without the use of a skeleton in a strictly defined position, without the ability to change the position of the body and paws.

Often, our art studio, carrying out individual orders, creates toys that are as similar as possible to pets that have passed away. If there are several photos of a pet from different angles, we will make a reminder of it in the form of a soft sculpture more vivid and unforgettable.

In toys with a skeleton, we use natural sheep’s wool as stuffing, as it allows us to model the animal’s body in the most accurate way. But if you are allergic to sheep wool, please let us know and we will replace it with other materials.

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