Fantasy toys

Creativity without rules and restrictions

Fantasy toys draw attention in their unique way. These are unusual and bright works that are remembered. Among the presented categories, the creation of such toys is the most difficult process that requires special skills and knowledge.

Our art studio offers not only the manufacture of toys, but also the development of a unique idea, concept or the embodiment of your idea according to your sketches.

In the process of work, we use a wide variety of materials and processing methods that allow us to achieve the desired result – to exceed your expectations.

Depending on where exactly and for what purpose the toy will be used (for a private collection, showcase design, photo shoots or theatrical performances, etc.), our craftsmen will be able to recommend you what dimensions and technical characteristics your character.

Based on the artistic concept and to enhance the visual effect, we can also make removable elements (wings, horns, armor, spikes, etc.) and necessary accessories (suitcase, weapons, staff, cart, and so on), as well as additional sets of clothes or a whole composition, part of which will be a fantasy creature.

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