Handmade toys

You can order handmade author’s toys from us for wide use:
– as an addition to the interior in your apartment
– as a gift
– to a private collection
– for the design of storefronts and trading halls
– for shooting ads
– as props for photo studios
– as a manual in art studios
– for theatrical productions and much more

Types of toys, description:

Realistic style toys

The main difference between this type of toys is the careful detailing of the elements inherent in a particular animal (the presence of claws, whiskers, pads on paws, etc.), as well as the presence of a special plastic frame inside the body and paws, thanks to which the animal can take various poses (sit, lie, stand …).
Options for working out small details are possible. So, for example, you can make an opening jaw or closing eyes.
The sizes of toys can reach more than 1 m in length (excluding the tail).

The cost of making toys up to 40 cm — from 1 500 EUR, up to 65 cm — from 2 000 EUR

Teddy-style toys

The creation of a classic Teddy bear involves the use of specialized fabrics made in Germany by Helmbold or Schulte, stuffing with wood wool or sawdust, as well as fastening the paws with discs and cotter pins.
Currently, this style allows the use of a wider range of different materials, their combinations and methods of stuffing, depending on the task, but the cotter pin fastening of the paws remains unchanged.

Manufacturing cost: from 1 000 EUR

Fantasy-style toys

To perform the most unusual tasks, such as creating fantastic creatures or fairy-tale characters for films, cartoons, theatrical productions, etc., we use a mixture of various materials and techniques.
Depending on your request, we can make both a detailed study of the image and its styling, think over removable elements, clothing, accessories or make a whole composition.

Manufacturing cost: from 1 500 EUR