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Every manufacturer knows that product packaging is just as important as product quality. However, not everyone is prepared to pay due attention to packaging design and the creation of unique illustrations. At first glance, it may seem like a waste of resources, after all, a bright and simple design also contains the product’s composition, company name and quality certificates. But when you look at the issue of packaging design from a different perspective, it becomes clear, the difference and importance is enormous.

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So what is the benefit of original and stylish packaging that is thoughtfully designed? First and foremost, it increases sales. Just like advertising, product design is an important investment in the development of a company. In addition to monetary gain, it raises the audience’s confidence rating, develops the brand and broadens the audience. That said, absolutely any product, in any field, will have such a result. This is especially true for those products which, in one way or another, are purchased as a gift.

Tea or coffee, for example. This is a fairly common gift for colleagues, friends or family. Therefore, original and beautiful packaging will give a tremendous advantage over competitors. Moreover, even those who are used to wrapping gifts themselves still choose a more attractive and artful design. According to numerous studies and surveys conducted around the world, product packaging is of utmost importance to both women and men. Consequently, clever design is important for all manufacturers: from cosmetics and perfumes to car parts and weapons. Of course, there is a definite difference between men’s and women’s products related to psychology and thinking (you can read about it in our blog) but it is also worth considering that often gifts are chosen by the opposite sex: women give men “men’s gifts” and vice versa.

But how do you apply all this knowledge and subtlety to business? Trust the professionals! Traditions of Times art studio is one of the best in Europe for creating meaningful design and thoughtful branding. We have a huge number of projects around the world in over 15 years on the global market and are successfully developing intelligent design that is based on more than just the rules of composition and color combinations.

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