Corporate logo in heraldic style: status and prestige

What affects first impression aboyt a company? People usually make conclusions about the company even before they learn about its pros. Based on visual associations! The color scheme, logo composition and corporate identity are a powerful marketing tool that requires a lot of attention.

The high demand for logos has made their development a separate area of design and fine art. There is a wide variety of combinations of styles and artistic techniques that can be very easy to get confused. One category of logos is not like the rest – heraldic logos. There are several reasons for this:

– Eternal classic. Heraldry has existed for many centuries and is still relevant today. Also, all heraldic symbols do not lose their value over time. And, unlike conventional graphic logos, the heraldic one is not subject to fashion trends. If you create such a logo, even after hundreds of years it will be attractive and interesting.

– Uniqueness and originality. These two have caused a race. Creating a unique logo is not an easy task even for professionals. Company’s originality attracts more attention. The heraldic logo is original and sophisticated, it attracts attention and is remembered for a long time. Another tool to maintain interest in your company is logo rebranding and redesign. Thus heraldic meaning remains, but the style changes.

– Logo’s meaning. A logo is not just an image, it holds certain information. It is heraldry that is the highest form of symbols with a hidden meaning. Coats of arms, Monograms, Emblems carry a huge amount of information, because every detail, color, composition plays an important role. Also, the heraldic logo is able to contain much more meaning than ordinary symbols.

– Recognition. This word has two meanings. First, heraldic logos are better remembered. But, more importantly, such logos are “deciphered” faster despite their complex composition. This is due to the fact that the meaning of the elements is closely related to the culture of people, their history and ethnic consciousness. In other words, it will take less time to understand the hidden meaning of the face of the company.

A properly designed heraldic logo copes with its tasks much more effectively: it attracts attention, tells about the company and inspires confidence. This symbol requires a deeper concept and high professionalism from designers, artists and heraldists. Our art studio has a whole team of specialists who guarantee the highest quality of the symbol. If you order a logo design from scratch or update an existing logo with us, you will receive symbol layouts in the most common formats for wide use. We also provide layouts in more specific formats upon request. Leave a request on the site and see for yourself that your heraldic logo will exceed all expectations.

Heraldic logo for business

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