Souvenir design

Souvenirs can perform a range of tasks when used correctly: advertise a brand, develop a corporate identity, increase CRR and promote a company’s mission. However, souvenirs may lose effectiveness. Why? For a number of reasons, such as targeting, business model, the original goals of the advertising campaign. However, you can adjust the target audience or the terms for getting souvenirs in the process but you can not adjust the design. Therefore, appearance deserves paramount importance. There is a huge variety of souvenirs. In a sense, a souvenir can be any item that reminds of the brand directly or by associations. To create a memorable design, first of all, it is necessary to determine what and who for the products are intended.

One of the most common problems and shortcomings of modern design and branding begins at the stage of logo design. Many logos and corporate styles do not have a unique idea, so branded products do not evoke strong associations. Such products are used reluctantly or not used at all. Moreover, a poor logo can alienate the audience.

To avoid this, use the full potential of corporate style in souvenir products, revealing your uniqueness and advantages in symbols or an unusual shape. For example, through the design of a fountain pen or the style of a calendar, the practical use of souvenirs or a bright, aesthetic design. Often, instead of a laconic logo, an illustration with a rich composition or a company motto is more appropriate. After all, branded products should not only be marked with the company logo, they should reflect the corporate identity and convey the idea of the brand.

Of course, a well-thought-out and high-quality gift will not leave anyone indifferent. Such souvenirs show your taste and literacy, as well as the advantages of your company: reliability, loyalty to traditions, manufacturability, solidity, originality, and so on. A meaningful and interesting appearance is the most important factor affecting efficiency. Remember the quality of souvenir products, as it is directly associated with the quality of services or products provided.

Order a thoughtful and stylish design of souvenirs with an original concept or design and implementation of your ideas and thoughts in the Traditions of Times art studio. Fill out the feedback form or contact us in any convenient way.

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