Designing a logo online?

There are a number of services and online platforms that allow you to make your own logo. Many people use these designers to make their own logo for free or for a small fee.

These logos are assembled from suggested elements and templates gathered into separate groups and libraries.The result can be exported in compressed resolution in IPG and PNG format. The advantage of this method is the very low cost and the short deadline. But is this really an advantage?

Earlier in our blog, we have already talked about the importance of the logo in creating corporate identity and promoting a company in the digital space and beyond. Since the logo is the basis of the visual component of the brand, it influences the look of future advertising and souvenir products as well as the design style of the website and social media. After all, today it is almost impossible to find a company that does not have its own website or a profile in popular social networks. And the first thing audiences pay attention to when getting acquainted with a brand is the logo and name.

Skilled designers can use composition, style, color schemes and a unique idea to capture a company’s strengths, benefits and distinctive features in a logo. In other words, create a symbol that attracts attention and explains why you should choose this particular brand. What’s more, many companies regularly rebrand their logo to make it more in line with new trends in fashion and technological advances. After all, if a company develops, its corporate identity must also develop. In this case, the cost of rebranding large brands is often higher than the cost of creating a completely new logo. Nevertheless, company management understands that a high-quality and unique logo is an investment.

Product packaging has always been considered as important as product quality. And manufacturers themselves have always tried to build a dialogue with their audiences in every way possible, creating lasting associations and images around their product. This applies both to manufacturers of goods and services and even to personal brands.

Therefore, designing a logo without knowledge of composition, color schemes, fashion trends, styles and even audience psychology can lead to a decrease in people’s loyalty, interest and trust. As a poor-quality logo is associated with a poor-quality company product and an unwillingness to build a trusting relationship with the consumer. Moreover, even if the logo has a high resolution, correct composition and selected colors but it is not original, it also creates negative emotions in the audience. After all, it means that this company has no advantage over competitors and promotes a copied, non-unique, fake product. And all logos created from the same elements and templates have no uniqueness whatsoever.

This is why a free logo created by yourself will do more harm than good. In addition, online designers do not allow you to create the necessary layouts of the symbol that you will need to use it in souvenir or promotional products. Consequently, such a logo has virtually no functionality. The best solution would be to turn to professionals. Much easier and more effective to order a professional logo in the early stages of development. It will then become the basis for a unique corporate identity that will attract the attention of new audiences and make the brand more memorable.

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