Collectible toys and characters

African dog toy

“Toy” is not just a way to entertain children. This is an original solution, a collectible and an original way to promote your brand!

An author’s toy made in a corporate style or associated with the company’s mascot and symbol, is an effective advertisement for a wide audience. Mass production of children’s branded toys involve not only children, but also their parents, and this is a large segment. At the same time, associations with the company are based on strong positive emotions, which means that the brand is credible. Moreover, many toys are created for successful people. Why?

Interior toys, installations or large-scale incarnations of the company symbol. In this case, it is correct to call them “Soft Sculpture”. Compared to banners or cardboard images, soft sculpture is more tactile and pleasant to the touch. And, unlike life-size puppets, such a sculpture has no size restrictions and does not require hourly payment.

Big Mister Scrooge toy

Our toys are unique and made according to patterns of our own design. We can make your even most unimaginable ideas and fantasies come true. You can get a soft sculpture in a single copy. Soft sculptures can be hyper-realistic or deliberately fantasy, made from different materials and at any scale. We have ready-made works for collectors. The list is constantly updated.

Traditional of Times develops concepts for various characters and heroes:

• Symbols of companies, organizations and brands;
• Characters for animations or branded postcards, other printing and souvenirs;
• Type and patterns of toys for mass production;
• Author’s patterns of unique characters for single use.

We work all over the world and for many years we have been implementing projects of various sizes and styles. We will deliver the finished toy anywhere in the world, and we will design the patterns or the idea of the character into digital mock-ups.

All stages of work are carried out away from animals and tobacco, and high-quality materials that do not destroy the environment are used. You can enjoy the skillful work of professionals without the fear of allergies.

Author's realistic toys