Emblem for the coronation of Charles III

On May 6 will begin the coronation of Charles III, the son of Elizabeth II, who passed away last fall. This is certainly a momentous event not only for Britain, but also for the rest of the world, since the Windsor dynasty is the most famous and public monarchical family of the XXI century.

The last time a new monarch was crowned in the United Kingdom was 70 years ago. Despite the fact that during this time the world has changed beyond recognition, all traditions and regulations will still be observed during the ceremony. One such tradition is the coronation emblem. This is a symbol, which is depicted on the attributes of all events, timed to the ceremony. For example, the emblem adorns invitations, souvenirs, flags, decor, promotional products and many other things associated with this significant event.

Application of the Emblem for the Coronation of Charles 3

The meaning of the coronation emblem

Every heraldic and personal symbol hides a certain meaning, and the coronation emblem is no exception. It is depicted as the crown of St. Edward, surrounded by a plant ornament. The use of plants symbolizes King Charles III’s love of nature and peace. The species of plants are also not chosen by chance – there are four flowers in the emblem, denoting the four nations of the United Kingdom. The rose, the symbol of England; the thistle, the symbol of Scotland; the daffodil, the symbol of Wales; and the shamrock, the symbol of Northern Ireland. As the creator of the symbol says, the plants create a festive, spring atmosphere and inspire joy and hope for the new monarch of Great Britain, who cares about the planet and the climate. And on May 6, on the head of His Majesty King Charles III will be put on the very crown of St. Edward, which is depicted on the emblem of the coronation.

the meaning of the emblem for the coronation

The author of the coronation emblem

A word about the author of this symbol, which will be gaining enormous popularity in the coming days. Buckingham Palace states that the author of the official coronation emblem is Sir Jonathan Ive KBE and his LoveFrom team. Jonathan has made a huge contribution to web design and digital art. He was formerly the chief design officer at Apple. He played a key role in creating the appearance of iMac, iPhone, iPod and other products of the world famous company. In addition, he holds more than 14,000 patents in design and IT in general.

In 2003 Sir Johnnie Ive became a Royal Designer and later an Honorary Member of the Royal Academy of Engineering. He holds a number of distinguished awards and fellowships, doctorates from Oxford and Cambridge and the Royal College of Art. Under his leadership, LoveFrom was created, an association of designers, architects, musicians, engineers, painters, filmmakers and writers who already have experience in creating symbols and designs for the Royal Family.

Jonathan himself notes that creating the emblem for the coronation is a great honor and joy for the entire LoveFrom association.

British coronation emblem with flowers

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