Illustrations in cartoons

Bears are some of the most popular toys, in a variety of shapes and materials. Very often the toys become the embodiment of cartoon characters. For example, none other than Oscar nominee Barney Bear. It is still a household name for children and parents. But the character was created in 1939 for a series of cartoons studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The character was created by the animator Rudolf Ising who also directed it.

Drawing of a character named Barney

When we watch a cartoon, little people, animals and other characters appear on the screen, moving, talking, thinking, doing different things which means that they are “alive” to us. To “animate” them animation artists make a great number of drawings. Every movement of a character has to be rendered and a new drawing is made for that. In addition to the movements of the cartoon, the character has a mimicry that sometimes changes very vigorously. And this means more and more new drawings. Just think cartoons are a lot of drawings, and each frame is an illustration. And an illustration with main characters, foreground and background, with a different storyline. The drawn cartoons look very appealing. And the way the characters in the cartoon look depends on the style and technique of drawing artists. At the heart of creating a cartoon is an illustration. It is with the help of an illustration, a preconceived character is transferred to the screen. It is an interesting but time-consuming activity to make sure that children and adults know without words that the hero is cheerful, sad, worried, etc. Often, even the appearance of a cartoon character speaks volumes about his character as a whole, when it is immediately clear which character is positive or negative. The artist can create any reality depending on the storyline which is not the case with the movie. At the beginning of the twentieth century, authors, directors and screenwriters of feature films could not bring every idea to life on the big screen.

Illustration, cartoon character character

But Barney the Bear was lucky, he was a cartoon character. Barney’s creator invented and drew his appearance as well as invented his character. But not all of the bear’s character traits are completely made up, a lot is copied from the character of a real person. This is the actor Wallace Beery who was born in the late nineteenth century, in 1885, and at one time had great success in his profession. Wallace is an Oscar-winning actor. It is not for nothing that Barney, possessing a great deal of his character, has also been nominated for an Oscar. According to Rudolf Ising, Barney was meant to be a slightly grumpy, disgruntled, often sleepy but lovable bear. The tasks the artist gave him were unwillingly carried out and he did not talk much. And when he was inspired and Barney was ready to act, he had a habit of overdoing it. That’s how he turned out for his creator, Rudolf Ising. More than one cartoon series was made with Barney. After 1954, no series with the bear were produced. And with the release of the famous Tom and Jerry series in 1980, Barney took part in episodes. His last appearance was in 2016.

Animation artist Rudolf Ising created a drawing of Barney the Bear

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