Heritability of the coat of arms

A coat of arms is a long-lasting symbol that can be inherited as many times as you like. Coats of arms have survived to this day and have been used by families for more than 700 years. And the value of this symbol only grows with each generation.

Just recently the world was rocked by the news of the death of Elizabeth II, one of the most famous monarchs of the twenty-first century. Her son Charles III became the current ruler and took over the leadership of the United Kingdom. This is a terrible tragedy for all the people of Great Britain, for during more than 70 years of her reign Her Majesty became one of the symbols of the country. Queen Elizabeth II was a member of the Windsor family, a branch of the ancient Wettin dynasty. The name of the family, it is believed, came from the name of the castle in the county of Berkshire. A family coat of arms is the current national coat of arms of Great Britain. This coat of arms is also the personal coat of arms of the monarch while other members of the royal family have other personal coats of arms and other heraldic symbols.

The difference between personal coats of arms is that they reflect the merits and values of a particular person, their background and goals. For example, each member of the British monarch’s royal family has several personal emblems as well as one general one, the family coat of arms. Since the coat of arms of the family is considered a personal symbol of the reigning monarch, after the death of Elizabeth II, the coat of arms Windsor family will be inherited by her son and heir Charles III who already has a personal coat of arms. In addition, there have been title changes for other members of the royal family that will certainly be reflected in their personal heraldic symbols. In the United Kingdom, there is a separate body that regulates all matters related to heraldry and deals with the drafting of coats of arms of royalty, the Heraldry Chamber, better known as the College of Heralds. In addition to it, coats of arms and monograms can also be designed at the Heraldic Workshops.

In general, there are several types of coats of arms today. The family coat of arms is the most common type of heraldic symbols that belongs to all family members and is passed on by inheritance. Thus, a spouse or spouses of descendants also become a part of the family and full owners of the coat of arms. It is also possible to create a new family coat of arms that will reflect the characteristics and achievements of the new married couple. If a wife also has a coat of arms of her family, it is possible to create a unique symbol that would symbolize the link of dynasties and combine elements of both coats of arms. After all, a coat of arms is a special symbol that holds great meaning and significance.

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