Personal symbol of Lionel Messi

Personal monogram or monogram for the whole family

The news about Leonel Messi transferring to another football club is not a stunt, but it has attracted some attention. Especially to Lionel Messi. He is a popular sportsman, known not only for football, but also in secular society. There have been ups and downs in his sports career, but Messi remains one of the best football players. Since Lionel is interested in different areas, he decided to open a new business a few years ago. So, Lionel Messi released a small clothing collection more than 2 years ago. Of course, the football player used his name. Moreover, Lionel already had a personal symbol – a monogram. The curly letter “M” is the first letter of his last name. A monogram of one letter means a surname so his entire family can use it.

Personal monogram of Leo Messi, family brand

Family and friends

The family of a successful football player consists of 5 people. He knew his future wife, Antonella Lionel from a young age. It took them a while to understand that they were meant to be together. The couple raises 3 sons: Thiago (the eldest), Mateo (the middle one), and Ciro (the youngest one). The sportsman is in warm relations with other relatives. Parents and brothers are directly involved in his career. By the way, he has 6 personal Golden Balls. The older brother adjusts and builds Lionel’s schedule, the father deals with contracts, finances and other agent tasks. Mom and younger brother are engaged in a charitable foundation and other things, including in Messi’s hometown, in Rosario. Football for Lionel is not only a matter of life, a career, the main income, it is also his inner circle, his friends. Antonella’s cousin was his good friend as a child and he also played football, his name is Lucas Scaglia.

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Leo Messi monogramed clothing collection

Let’s go back to the emerging clothing brand. The personal monogram is easy to recognize, since he has a lot of fans. The sister of the famous athlete Maria-Sol Messi helps creating models and developing the brand. Ginny Hilfiger helps with the design of the models, she is the creative director. The girl has the most direct relation to the name of designer Tommy Hilfiger, Ginny is his sister. The presentation of the Messi brand took place in the Santa Eulalia boutique in Barcelona. Connoisseurs say that this is one of the luxurious, popular places in Spain where you can buy clothes and have a good time. The line of clothes with the Messi monogram is presented next to such brands as Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Brunello Cuccinelli, Giuseppe Zanatti, Barbara Bui, Tom Ford, Balmain, Prada, Dior Maison and many other world brands. Another interesting detail, Leo Messi himself acts as a model for the presentation of his collection. Also, an online store on Instagram was created to promote the fashion line. Despite the presence of expensive brands of clothing and accessories nearby, in the Santa Eulalia boutique, Leo’s clothes are more casual, designed for different ages, stylish and comfortable. The first buyers could become happy owners of Leo’s autograph. We wish Leo Messi and his family continued success in their sports career and other areas of life. Finally, a very interesting and important fact, he always raises his hands and points to the sky with every ball scored. This is for a person dear to him, his grandmother. Thanks to this woman, little Leo began to play football. Now he devotes all his victories to his grandmother.

Brand clothing from Messi with a monogram Family values, family traditions, family monogram

Photos from Lionel Messi’s Instagram and the “MESSI” trademark, branded clothing by Lionel Messi

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