A company’s rebranding is a major talking point in the press and in the digital space. News about logo, style or concept changes can be found all over the world in magazines, newspapers and articles. There is an enormous amount of attention paid to the budgets allocated to rebranding and restyling major companies. Often this causes a resonance in society: some speak of an unwise waste of money, others of a profitable investment. Read what it is in this article.

The name ‘rebranding’ implies, first and foremost, changes to the company itself. Updating the visual part of the brand (logo, corporate colors, artistic techniques) is only a reflection of the changes made. It can be a correction of the advertising campaign, the product produced, the search for a new audience and so on. All these processes are mandatory because the preferences and tastes of the audience change over time, so regular audits and adjustments need to be made. Otherwise, the company runs the risk of losing its customers.

So, brand development and renewal is commonplace for any company. However, it is not necessary to adjust the logo to fashion trends every year, it is possible to communicate its modernity to an audience without constant logo changes. This is especially true if a company has a long history or if it aims to preserve traditions. For example, a wine house with the family coat of arms of its founders or a chain of tailors who specialize in making classic clothes according to centuries-old canons. In this case, brand development that preserves the existing corporate identity is more appropriate.

Creative illustrations and original promotional design help to communicate all the changes and updates. What’s more, they reveal the company’s strengths and distinctive approach. On branded products or souvenirs, illustrations in the same style as the logo can be used. In this way, the authenticity and atmosphere of the brand is preserved and a variety of visuals is created.

There are many advantages to rebranding because the very process of optimizing a company, its product and promotion methods implies greater efficiency. You could say that rebranding a logo is just a way of telling the audience about the work that has been done. And what that work will be: expanding the range, creating a product for other audiences, or improving an existing one to increase customer loyalty it’s up to the company’s executives. Either way, Traditions of Times art studio will reflect the changes in unique concepts and professional illustrations. You can create a brand from scratch or refresh an existing one. To do so, simply fill in the feedback form.

rebranding of the cattery logo

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