Wine labels

Creating wine labels is one of the most difficult areas in packaging design and graphic design in general. There are many scientific and journalistic pieces, dissertations, articles that consider it not only a part of the marketing and sales process, but also an element of fine art. Indeed, if we look at the wine labels from aesthetic point of view, we see tradition, style, artistic technique, etc.

Packaging design has reached a new professional level today. Modern technologies make it possible to create new unusual labels that attract attention with their material, shape, and palette. Along with this, strict classic still remains popular especially in premium products.

Producers are obliged to put full information about the drink: grape sort, country and year of origin, production features, strength, etc. All this should be indicated on a label or back label that is minimally artistic and not as varied.

For the most part, wine decoration depends on the region of origin. You can distinguish not only European wines from New World wines, but also identify a specific country or even a province. Most European wine labels have antiquated style – engraved landscapes, heraldic symbols, monograms, and gilding. The coats of arms of the founders or specially designed heraldic logos can also be symbols of wine houses.

Each wine label combines traditions and experiences of previous generations and expresses region’s uniqueness and sophisticated taste. The design of alcoholic beverages requires a thorough approach and deep knowledge of the traditions of art and graphic design. Packaging is not just a picture.

Order the development of wine labels in our art studio, which will correspond to all the traditions of your region. “Traditions of Times” brings together a team of specialists in heraldry, engraving, and fine arts. Moreover, we can develop a heraldic logo or corporate coat of arms, which will become your business image.

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