Twice unique coat of arms

Unique symbols have always been a part of people. It is not just a need for self-identification – it is a reflection of personality and one of the ways of self-actualisation. And for about a thousand years the highest form of expression of the uniqueness of character and achievement have been coats of arms, monograms and emblems. However, these symbols are not created by the owners personally, as it requires exceptional skills and knowledge. To design personal or family symbols, professionals – heraldists, artists and designers – were brought in to form workshops, studios and schools.

Only high-caliber professionals are able to compose a correct composition according to all the canons and laws of heraldry and fine art. Such professionals work at Traditions of Times. Their thorough approach and years of experience around the world make our art studio the best in Europe. So when you order your own Coat of Arms from us, you can be sure that the symbol will be correct and unique. Even twice.

First and foremost, the originality of a coat of arms is expressed in its composition. It is the elements and figures of the symbol that interact to create intangible value and reflect the character, achievements, ideas, principles of the owner. Observing heraldic and artistic rules, we create several absolutely unique sketches of different compositions each of which reveals the multiple facets of personality. After the sketch has been approved, the next stage that reveals another uniqueness of the coat of arms is drawing. A team of artists draw each element of the symbol with great detail and artistry making it unique. In our works you will not find repetitive elements. This makes it possible to achieve the desired result – an aesthetic and stylish symbol, unique in every line.

The finished image is digitized and electronic layouts adapted to a wide range of applications are created. If desired, it is possible to order in our art studio the execution of a ready-made coat of arms or monogram on a picture, the creation of a family seal or jewelry. This is particularly relevant when the symbol is made as a gift.

In this way, the coordinated work of professionals creates a symbol that has artistic value thanks to its unique execution and cultural value thanks to its unique composition. Most importantly, the symbol will have great meaning for its owner. It is an intangible relic that touches important aspects of life and reveals a person’s personality from different angles.

picture of the family coat of arms with a wolf

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