Portraits are more relevant than ever

It is estimated that today around one million photos are taken per minute worldwide. Hundreds of millions of photos are uploaded to social media every day. The total number of photos taken in a year is in the trillions, and yet, the numbers are growing steadily. In this multitude, it’s easy to lose the most important photos that capture precious moments.

Today, every smartphone has a high-resolution camera, and more than one. So photography and the process of taking pictures has become more than just accessible, it has become commonplace, everyday. Today’s photos lack coziness and atmosphere because they no longer evoke awe and carry so little value. Whereas creating family photos used to consist of picking outfits, locations and developing film, now it’s enough to open an app. However, even professional photos today don’t hold the same value as they used to. Unlike artwork that has always had great value.

A camera can capture life’s highlights or the smiles of loved ones but it can’t save them unless they are in binary code. So do other storage devices, they can only save a file. Without looking at the picture, in the humdrum of the day it is almost impossible to remember all the pictures in the memory of a smartphone or a laptop. And it doesn’t evoke emotion at all, the value of the photos is lost, and in the worst case the photo itself is lost. That’s why souvenirs with printed frames, memorable gifts, photo frames, Polaroids and the like are so popular. It helps to convey the impressions and feelings embedded in the picture. And a picture – a portrait from a photograph – reveals emotions best of all.

The artist’s handiwork aims to intensify all the tenderness, love, passion, joy and happiness that goes into the photograph. It is a lasting work of art that will complement any interior. When making an order in our art studio you can specify how you would like to use the picture and in which interior style you would like to place it. We will offer the most suitable techniques such as watercolor, oil, ink feather, gouache, tempera, pencil graphics and so on. In addition, a handmade portrait is a popular and very valuable gift for your loved ones. For example, for a birthday or wedding anniversary. After all, a painting has long conveyed not only the curves and lines but also the atmosphere, the mood, the feelings.

Another advantage of a painted picture is the ability to adjust and retouch the picture. For example, remove an unnecessary object from the frame or change the color saturation. Our artists will do everything to make sure that your portrait will bring you only positive emotions. In addition to a portrait, you can also order unique paintings, another great addition to your interior or a wonderful gift.

watercolor portraits of children

In today’s world of immense information and photo diversity, it is the artist’s handiwork and uniqueness that will preserve the intangible value of the photo and allow it to be used.

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