Which souvenir to choose?

Souvenirs are an important part of promoting a company’s brand and product as a whole. It is a great way to interact with the audience, as the usefulness and beauty of the souvenir will be associated with the usefulness of the company’s services. At the same time, there is a wide variety of types of souvenirs. And this variety sometimes makes it difficult to choose: which souvenirs are best for a start-up brand?

This article gives general advice on the choice of merchandise. Of course, the decisive factor is the audience of the product. Knowing the habits of the existing audience or by studying the target audience, the most suitable products can be chosen. However, the list of souvenirs is the same for most companies.

First and foremost, these are bags. A beautiful and high-quality bag can easily be classified as a souvenir product. Moreover, it is suitable for many companies producing a small-sized product: food and textile industry, care products, creative materials, stationery, accessories, jewelry, toys and much more. This is especially true if you are creating premium quality products. In such a case, it is worth paying attention to every detail.

Folders can also be included in this category, as it is often the case that a product is accompanied by documentation or that a company offers contracted services. A beautiful folder with an unobtrusive and elegant design is a long-lasting brand advertisement. This is in addition to the great importance of packaging for the perception of the product.

In second place are sketchbooks and notepads, the items for taking notes and making notes. Although they are inferior in durability to folders, as blank pages in a notebook will sooner or later run out but this souvenir will be much more likely to be seen. Instead of a notebook, you can also order a pen with an unusual design or bookmarks for fans of paper books.

Next are the souvenirs that require more attention. Wardrobe items and jewelry. In this case, you need to bring out the corporate identity through corporate colors, illustrations and even cut or geometric features. To keep your audience constantly wearing your merchandise (unless, of course, it’s your company’s main focus), move away from simple logo imagery. A T-shirt with a fashion house monogram or a clothing brand logo will look far more appealing, so focus on an original approach and unusual concepts. For example, creative illustrations and art aimed at specific audiences (subcultures, age groups and so on).

In fourth place are corporate calendars. A variety of techniques and styles allows you to create wall or desk calendars that will decorate not only your office but also the homes of your customers. It is the most versatile type of the souvenir products that will suit almost any company. In addition, it perfectly develops your brand by showing your advantages and strengths with the help of illustrations. How? You can read about it here.

And rounding off our selection is another souvenir that often becomes a gift for friends, colleagues and relatives. Cups. With the right combination of ergonomics and creativity, your branded souvenir has every chance of becoming a favorite cup for tea, coffee or other beverage. It’s extremely long-lasting brand advertising and a great way to boost your company’s credibility. However, this result is only possible if the cup is truly comfortable and yet creative, with an interesting design and illustration.

Special attention should be paid to the stage at which the company needs to invest in merchandise. In short, it can be done at any time. The main thing is that you have formed a brand or its basis: a logo, corporate colors, style. You also have a website and social media profile ready where potential clients will come. Souvenirs can serve many different functions, so don’t neglect them. Pay enough attention to design and workmanship to ensure the result surpasses all expectations. To do so, contact our art studio. With us, you can design and develop your own brand and a thoughtful merchandising design that your audience will love.

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